Simple Logos for a simple price.

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For any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, please contact me.

What you get: A black and white or color logo of text, text with decoration, or text and a simple icon.
Cost: $— (extra final variations and color treatments for additional cost)

Questions about your logo:

  1. Do you have a deadline?
  2. Do you have fonts that you like, have in mind, or have already chosen?
  3. Do you have specific sizes or dimensions you need this logo to be?  What are you using it for?
  4. What mood/feel/tone/etc. are you looking for with your logo?
  5. Do you have specific imagery or symbols you want to represent you and your company/podcast/channel?
  6. Do you have specific colors in mind?
  7. Do you have references you’ve collected?

What I need from you:

  • Fonts
  • Reference images
  • Name, Address, Phone #, Email (for contract purposes)


  • Sketches – 3-7 variations – (1 major or 2 minor revision passes)
  • Fonts – 2-10 variations
  • Final logo in black and white – 1-3 variations – (2 minor revision passes)
  • Final logo with color – 3-4 variations – (1 major + 1 minor or 2 minor revision passes)
  • Final adjustments
  • Final image files to you


  • Remember: I’m always open to questions.
  • The final images will be in .png format unless otherwise requested.
  • There will be a $5-15 charge for each revision made after the allowed number or after the logo has been deemed completed.  Revisions to be made after a contract has been fulfilled may require a new contract.
  • I don’t do all-type logos unless they are hand done and/or you’re not picky about type.
  • Upon full payment, the final logo is yours to print/place/use as you wish.  I retain rights to use it in my portfolio wherever that may exist.  I retain rights to all process work (sketches and variations), unless we specifically negotiate that in our contract. 


  • I want two finished variations to show to my friends/family/followers, can you do that?  Yes, I can!  But if you want two finished logos, you’ll have to pay for two finished logos.
  • How do I pay you?  Paypal or Venmo preferred.  Cash or check allowed upon a case by case basis.
  • When do I pay you? I prefer all up front or half front, half end.
  • Do you do watercolor logos? – Yes.  We’ll go through the same process as above, but instead of a vector final, it will be a drawing, then colors will be in watercolor scanned at a high resolution.

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