Comic Pages

last updated  2018-04-17

Sequential narrative pages of 1-6 panels each.

This Page Is Under Construction

For any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, please contact me.



Black and white inked pages.

This is the base price for all comic pages

Many Panels


Pages with more than six (6) panels take significantly more time and effort to design, draw, and color. Only +$15 for inks and spot tone.

+ Extra Detail


For highly detailed scripts where the increase in detail will take significantly more time. Figured on a case by case basis as I review your script

Grayscale Pages

+ $30

Black and White drawings with spot flat tone, screen tone, textures, etc.  You can specify what and where you would like it or leave it to me.

Character-Only Color

+ $30

Line drawings with colored characters and important foreground objects.  BG is B&W, monochrome, or a single ‘paper’ and line color.

Flat-Color Pages

+ $30

Flat color, no shading.  This style can be used in simpler drawings or to keep integrity of linework. I’ll make all the colors purty and work together. 

Full-Color Pages

+ $60

These are colored in a flat style.  Basic cell shading with a little bit of blending the shadows to decrease some sharp edges.

Questions about your project:

  • NSFW? – Sorry, that’s an automatic no-go.  I don’t do it.
  • Script ready?
  • Do you have a deadline?
  • Do you have references for colors/places/characters/objects/etc.?
  • What genre(s) does your story fall into?
  • What mood/feel/tone are you going for?
  • Who is your audience? (boys/girls/teens/etc.)
  • Things I do you really like that you want to see incorporated?
  • Size?
  • RGB? CMYK?

What I will need from you:

  • Script
  • Reference images
  • Mood/color/style examples
  • Name, Address, Phone #, Email (for contract purposes)


Rough Thumbnails

  • not very pretty
  • purpose is getting a rough idea of the layout and composition and pacing of the story
  • shows the big idea, no medium or minor details
  • you can opt out of seeing these if you want

Layouts & Pencils

  • rough sketch quality with final borders
  • purpose is getting the whole page fleshed out and ready for inking
  • should include most medium details, expressions, and some minor details


  • final lines – I’ll send early stages for critique, then finish darks and variation in lineweight
  • this phase is harder to edit

Tone or Color

  • color comps if deemed necessary
  • rough color and lighting
  • purpose is to apply tone or color to the final pages
  • if a project has multiple pages, there will be one rough color page per project or series – if a project significantly changes in location/lighting, we can do another rough for the change

Final Adjustments

  • phase in which I check everything to make it’s perfect
    • eyelights are in, edges look good, anything else I might have missed
    • adjustments for print if the colors are dark (this does not mean they’ll necessarily perfect for printing)

Final Images To You

  • you pay me anything else you might owe me from the initially agreed sum and any edits I have done
  • I send you the images (.tiff in RGB, .png in RGB, and .tiff in CMYK if asked for)


  • Remember: I’m always open to questions.
  • There will be a $5-25 charge for each revision made after the allowed number or after a page has been deemed completed.  Revisions to be made after a contract has been fulfilled may require a new contract.
  • The final image files will be in .tiff format unless otherwise requested.
  • Royalties will be discussed and determined during the contract signing process based upon your plans for the comic.
  • Upon full payment, the final pages are yours to  is yours to print/place/use as you wish. 
  • I retain rights to use the final work in my portfolio wherever that may exist.  I retain rights to all process work (sketches and development), unless we specifically negotiate that in our contract. I also retain rights to share process and final works with my family and peer feedback group.
  • If it’s not in your script, it won’t be included!  So please reread your scripts and make sure they include everything you want from me.  Changes mid-process count as revisions.



How do I pay you?

Paypal or Venmo preferred. 

When do I pay you?

I prefer all up front, half front/half end, or page by page payment. We can determine that in the contract process

I really want [insert genre/artist style here].  Can you do that?

No.  If you want that style, go find someone who does it.  I don’t have time to learn totally new styles just for your comic.

Do you do collaborations?

If you’re asking if I’ll work with you for free or for a split of unsecured profits?  No.  I’m sorry.  I’ve got bills to pay and my own projects waiting for me.

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