Developing Classes

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Classes, Education, Teaching

Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering a couple of Spring Break classes here locally in Mesa, AZ. And I decided I really am doing them, so the last couple days I’ve been scrambling around putting together these classes. I’ll be offering two ‘camps’ during the break. Kids’ Craft Camp and Drawing Skills Camp. Kids’ Craft Camp will be aimed at younger kids and will focus on many messy methods that Mom’s often don’t want to do because they are so messy. We’ll be cutting and gluing paper and other things, mod-podging, shrinky-dinks, painting, and more. I’m still nailing this down, but it will be fun, we will make things, and at least half of them will be messy. Drawing Skills Camp will be aimed at older kids and teens and will focus on design principles and drawing techniques and skills. We’ll cover drawing from life, seeing exercises, composition basics and much more. Putting these classes together is quite enjoyable as I get to plan a curriculum and shop for materials. If you’ve got kids and you’re in my area, look forward to the final announcement and registration. It will be up in the next couple days.